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Staging lets you test your domain configurations before deploying to the QUANTIL CDN.  Your origin content will be fetched and staged on a special server just for testing. You will be able to see the content through your browser.

Stage a domain by editing a domain and clicking Compare & Stage during that process.

Once the domain has been staged, identify the domain in the Service Details page and click Actions - Test Staging to get information on testing the newly staged domain.  For example:

The instructions at the bottom of the page summarize what you need to do to test a staged domain. Unlike domains that are deployed to the QUANTIL CDN, a staged domain is not accessed by a CNAME DNS setting.  You will be assigned an IP address that will appear in the testing instructions.   Copy the IP address, and modify your computer's hosts file to create a mapping of each staged domain to that IP address. This will allow you to access the domain through your computer's browser.   In the above example, adding the line "" lets you visit in your browser.

On a Microsoft Windows based system, the hosts file is located in %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\drivers\etc.  %SYSTEMROOT% is the location of your Windows installation. By default, it is C:\Windows, so you would edit C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.  You will need administrator privilege to modify the file.

On a Unix based system, edit the file /etc/hosts.

Please refer to our troubleshooting section if you are unable to test your staged domain.

Note:  Once you are done testing a staged domain and have chosen to deploy to the QUANTIL CDN, you may wish to remove any line you added to your hosts file earlier. This allows you to visit your domain with your browser and see it handled by the QUANTIL CDN instead of the staging system.


Problem:  Your browser times out when accessing a staged domain.


Problem:  Your browser shows access denied when accessing a staged domain.