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Service Details

Service Details can be reached by clicking Manage Services and choosing Service Details.

You will see a page with several tabs (Domains, Domain Sets, and SSL Certificate):

The Domains tab lets you manage the domains accelerated by QUANTIL.  The dropdown list lets you see domains using a particular service or all domains in your account.  Each entry includes the domain ID which can be referenced if you call QUANTIL's APIs directly, the CNAME to assign to your domain, which group it belongs to, and its deployment status.  Domains which use SSL are identified by an icon next to their names.  Domains with extended configurations are identified by an icon.

Add domains by clicking the Add Domains button to add a single domain OR selecting the Manage Services - Add Domains menu item to create one or more domains with the same configuration.

Each domain you add will be listed along with its assigned CNAME and deployment status.  When the domain is ready, update your DNS records so that the domain's CNAME refers to the assigned one. That will allow visitors to the domain to benefit from QUANTIL's acceleration.

You can choose to:

The SSL Certificate tab lists the SSL certificates available to you.  These include certificates that you upload, shared certificates that you request from QUANTIL, and Certificate Signing Requests.

The listing lets you:

To add a certificate, please click the Add SSL Certificate button.